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Retrospect won't open in Server 2003


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I have used Retrospect 7.5 on my Server 2003 for a long time and it has worked generally very reliably. I updated to 7.6 when it became available with no particular problems.


However, for the past few weeks it refuses to open beyond the startup flash window.


I have uninstalled it and reinstalled both from the 7.6 update and attempted to reinstall from the original 7.5 CD. I always get the opening splash screen and nothing more. When I look at the Application Manager I can see the Retrospect service using approx 50% of the CPU. I have to end the service in order to clear the window.


If I open the Services MMC in the opening state, there is no Retrospect service showing.


The system is using an Athlon 64 5300 dual cre CPU with 2Gb RAM. The avauilble RAM wth everything running is in excess of 1Gb.

The backup setup is an Adaptec 19160 SCSI card with a DAT72 drive attached.


I have set the SCSI BIOS to not allow disconnection as per the KB article drawing attention to this potential problem.


I have renamed the Retrospect Monitor exe so that it cannot run.


I have run out of ideas!


Can anyone help please? The server is completely stable in every other respect.


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Have you moved/backed up the files here: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect


If not, each time you reinstall Retrospect it will reload your exisiting settings (i.e. duff settings).


Try moving all the Config75 files from that directory and relaunch Retrospect, it should return to Vanilla.



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