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Retrospect 5.6 can't see drive from disaster CD


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I am unable to get Dantz Retrospect 5.6.127 (3.1.103) to properly see my hard drive when booting from the Disaster Recovery CD. My system:






AMD 1.33 GHz CPU


ASUS A7M266 mobo


512 MB RAM


Win2000 Promise FastTrack 100 PCI Card Raid Controller


Two 60 GB IBM Hard Drives in RAID 0 (Striped) configuration (i.e., the CPU thinks there is one 120 GB Hard Drive) formatted into two NTFS primary partitions (80 GB + 40 GB)


LaCie 60 GB Studio FireWire (IEEE1394) external Hard Drive






PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0




The problem occurs when trying to do an emergency restore of the entire computer using the disaster recovery repair disk.




I originally put the 9 GB Backup Set A on the LaCie FireWire drive, but when I attempted a recovery using the CD made from this set, I learned that because windows can not boot from FireWire, I could not use the LaCie in this manner – in a disaster recovery Retrospect must install a working copy of the OS on the disk and boot from it. This was a huge disappointment.




So next, thinking I would try a workaround, using Partition Magic, I partitioned the RAID 0 (striped) 120 GB hard drive into two smaller drives (C: 80 GB + I: 40 GB). (Of course, I can sill boot from my C drive; I am, at this point, preparing for a future disaster.)




I then made another Backup Set (B) to the 40 GB I partition, and then another disaster recovery CD. Up to this point, no problems




Finally, to see that all would function properly, I booted from the Retrospect CD.




The first attempt failed with this message.




“your computers startup program cannot gain access to the disk containing the partitions or free space you chose. setup cannot install W2K on this hard disk. disk not visible to the startup program unless special software is installed. contact your hard disk controller manufacturer”




Underneath was indicated: “No hard drives”




So remembering that earlier in the Retrospect CD loading process, I was given an opportunity to load special hardware drivers by pressing F6, I rebooted and when prompted, inserted the Promise FastTrack floppy with the RAID drivers.




This must have been successful because I did get the above message about there being no accessible hard drives. Instead, I got the following screen:




the following list shows the existing partitioned and unpartitioned space on this computer.




unknown 120 GB




I am then given the choice of:




set up W2K in selected partition


create a partition in unpartitioned space


delete selected partitioned




However, when I attempted to select “create a partition” (just to see what would happen) there was no response. Furthermore, at the bottom of the screen, only the keyboard commands for “set up W2K” and “delete selected partition” are present.




At this point, I had to cancel the attempt. This is where I am now. Notice that even after installing the Promise RAID drivers, the C (80 GB) and I (40 GB) partitions do not show up – just an “unknown” 120 GB disk. Since I want to do an emergency install form the backup file on I to C, obviously this won’t do.




Does anyone have any idea what is the source of this problem and how I might solve it? I would be very grateful for any assistance.







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The problem would seem to have nothing to do with Retrospect, as the inability of the rescue disk to see the main drive partitions occurs at the point in the process when Retrospect has ceded all control to the W2K setup program copied from the Windows setup disks. In fact the windows are the same that one sees when first installing W2K.




To check this out, I tried to do a reinstall of the OS using the W2K setup disks. The results were the same:




1) without loading the Promise RAID drivers, setup sees no disk at all


2) after loading the RAID drivers, setup sees the disk, but not the partitions. I again get the above mentioned:




the following list shows the existing partitioned and unpartitioned space on this computer.




unknown 120 GB




If I try to install W2K by pressing Enter, I get the following message:




"Setup cannot install W2K on this partition, but you can delete the partition and setup will create a new partition on which to install W2K."




Certainly, W2K setup should be able to install on a NTFS partition.




Attempting a repair of the OS using the W2k Setup disks, produces similar results. Setup cannot find the OS and any commands that I try to enter in C:\ produces the following:




"The specified drive is not valid or there is no disk in the drive."




So, the question now is, why can't W2K Setup see the partitions. If loading the RAID drivers allows Setup to see the hard drive, why can't it see the partitions?




In any case, since my problem, does not concern Retrospect, I will post nothing further on this.







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