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I have to send my external hard drive in because it needs to be fixed. I don't know what to do about the Retrospect software. I have to move everything over to my laptop because they company said my data will not be returned after the drive is fixed.


So, I tried to move the restore points as well but there are so many that it was taking forever AND I didn't think it would all fit on my laptop. So, I thought well, I don't really need any but the last restore point and so I proceeded to go into my computer/e:/retrospect restore Points/retrospect/ restor point/1-restore point. Then I started to delete them. I deleted about seven of the oldest ones in this way. Prior to that I had also moved the whole thing to my c drive in preparation for the disconnect and shipment of the drive.


I started to wonder about deleting these and then I started looking around online and it seemed that this was not the correct way to do it.


Meantime, the little red Retrospect Restore Point box was saying that it was performing maintenance. So, I came to this site and found how to properly delete the restore points and I did delete some in that manner, but the box only showed ten restore points available.


So, I know this has been so long-winded and I am so confused. I just want to make sure that when my hard drive comes back from repair and I plug it back in to my laptop that I can continue to use Restrospect to backup my c drive and to store my pictures and videos. That's what I use it for.


I need to send this hard drive in but I want to make sure I do this properly. Can you help? PLEASE!!?

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