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Copying Disk Backup Sets to Tape


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We have a server running Retrospect 7.6 with 3TB of disk storage. There are 16 disk Backup Sets stored in a folder on the disk storage. We also have an Exabyte Magnum 7 tape LTO3 loader connected. We have configured the system so it can have up to six simultaneous backups to disk running. Every two weeks, we want to offload a copy of those backup sets on disk to tape for off site storage. When we create a tape backup set and instruct Retrospect to backup the folder with all the RDB files, it skips it. Is retrospect unable to backup its own RDB files to tape? I can understand if it must skip the most current RDB file if it is currently in use by another proactive backup but what about the remaining RDBs? Is there something obvious I am missing to make this work? Any suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance! :-)



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