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Rebuilding Catalog Fails


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I doubt strongly that the data is corrupted. It was created through a initial backup a few days before and i was able to browse it, using the BackupSet-File. If i dont use the BackUpSet file, i can not rebuild it.


All this is rather a test, but i am shocked that such a important function does not work. I always stored my catalog files on the same volume as my data. I cant understand why it should be useful to store it on the drive which's fault i want to be prepared on.

NOW - i know that that my strategy was right.


So - do you have any other hint?

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Solution Found!

After purchasing a Support case for 80.-Euros and after having the German Support asking in America the solution is:


Rebuilding catalog files does not work - sometimes - with NAS-Drives. If i connect the same drive via USB, the catalog rebuild works! It i use it via LAN id does not!

Why are these basic things are so difficult sometimes!

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The problem occurs with both my NAS:


1) 500GB Teac Alu NAS

2) Iomega Home Network HDD 1TB


According to retrospect Support in germany, a Catalog rebuild results in a certain "stresstest" for a NAS. I cant see, why a NAS should fail, where a USB mounted device succeeds. It may be slower but it must work.


The real pain is that Retrospect shows no such hint. I only see the message "Disk contains no Backup data" - which is untrue. If there would be a hint "this might be a NAS-Problem" - i would have needed a couple of hours less.

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