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Bad catalog reattach causes hangup


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The following sequence of events causes a confusing problem:


The Setup

* Take an old catalog file

* Do something so that Retrospect will not be able to successfully add it to the backup set list (I hit this twice: once when permissions were set badly, once when a catalog file was corrupted.)

* Attempt to add it to the backup set list [Press More..., click Open, choose the catalog file]

* You'll get an error that it can't be added.


The Bug

Unfortunately, Retrospect does not close the file.


This results in the following symptoms:


* If you go to recreate the catalog file, and overwrite this bad old one, you'll get an error.


* If (in Windows) you attempt to delete or rename the catalog file, you will fail. It is already open.


Workaround: restart Retrospect.


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