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Still having problems with drives being skipped


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I ran into this problem earlier with Retrospect and never was able to resolve the problem to my satisfaction. I work for an IT company and we've noticed the problem with several of our clients.


The problem is that Retrospect for whatever reason, marks the backup drives to be skipped. When the drives are marked to be skipped, then the backup doesn't run of course. When the backup doesn't run, I get irritated and clients get ticked.


We use proactive backup on all our servers. We have two backup sets for all our clients. One is kept off-site and the other set will be in the server (or XP box or whatever is hosting Retrospect). Our proactive scripts will be something like Server to set A, Exchange to set A, Server to set B, Exchange to set B. We find that proactive lets us run all four scripts simultaneously without any errors or issues.


For our backup sets we use hot-swappable SATA drives in an icy dock. We're seeing this issue with several clients all who are running 7.6. What are possible causes and solutions for this?

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