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Problems on server -643 Error - Scanning incomplete, error -643 (not a chunk file or badly damaged)

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My setup is as follows:

Dell Poweredge T100 w/Win Server 2003 R2 Standard w/SP2

SATA Raid 1 on a Dell SAS 6/iR Adapter (2*250)

Retrospect Multi 7.5.370, driver/hotfix


I have the virtual drive with a 30ish GB system partition and 200ish share for my network. I'm trying to do a Normal backup of the Shared partition to an external drive.


Process will start and scan files, but will inevitably fail with "Scanning incomplete, error -643 (not a chunk file or badly damaged)"


Does anybody have any ideas what is going on? I'm totally stumped and have never had any problems setting up Retrospect in the past. I've Googled and searched the forums to no avail, and I can't even find -643 in the Retrospect help file.


Thanks in advance.


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Try to rename the entire Retrospect folder in all users\application data so that the software will no longer use any old settings.


It is strange to see this happen with multiple backup sets, new preferences, different source volumes and new config files. How much RAM do you have? How much free space on the C: disk?

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