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Retrospect backs up its own huge temp files -- can this be fixed?


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A new symptom in rev 7.6 has got to be a source of grief to many users. I've not seen any hint that this is being addressed... any possibility it could gain some visibility?


This was first raised here.



  • Every full NTFS volume backup always contains a large (3GB) temp file created during the backup and deleted before the backup completes.

  • If the backup begins at 12:00am, the temp file is generally dated at approximately 12:01am on ALL NTFS volumes to be backed up.

  • On drives other than C:, the file name is
    \System Volume Information\nn{xxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx} (not the right number of characters) where nn increments on every drive, and xxxxx-xxxx... is usually identical. On drive C:, the nn is another group of {xxxx-xxxx...} characters.

  • Drive C: also typically backs up the normal SVI files


As far as I can tell, this means that Retrospect Pro backs up an extra 3GB for every NTFS partition after C:, every time. Of course this wastes time and backup space... particularly since these are 100% temp files that do not exist before or after the backup takes place.


Can anything be done to eliminate this wasteful process? I'm sure I could create a workaround with fancy filters, but leaving this in place seems to go against the purpose of Retrospect as a usable software tool.


Thanks much. Glad to help as possible if further diagnostics are needed.

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I wonder if an partly-effective workaround is possible...


Do custom selectors support both "?" and "*" wildcards?


If so, selectors could be created for

E:\System Volume Information\??{*

and the same for other drives beyond C:

This would save 3/4 of the junk backups on this system.

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I'm currently running a backup, with SI Process Monitor tracking any file system interactions on any SVI-related system calls on any drive.


Hopefully that would catch it.


If not, then it's happening in a windows call triggered by Retrospect... perhaps VSS as you say.


Since it didn't happen in 7.5, it must be something that changed in the update.

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This does look like a pain-in-the-neck bug. It appears to be some kind of indirect interaction. Possibly VSS. The files are only directly named when Retrospect grabs them for backup. (I.e. *nobody* directly creates and writes these files... yet they get created anyway.)


I have a Process Monitor trace if that helps; I suspect the dev's are on the right trail already.




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Comparing the Process Monitor trace to the actual Retrospect backups shows:


* The files are created when vssvc.exe does its thing.

* It's indirect: process monitor does not see the filenames described above. It just sees vssvc accessing the SVI folder.

* This time, an extra file in SVI was generated on two (non-C:) volumes: MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase


I'd suggest that Retrospect should check the SVI volumes (on all drives) at the start of a backup, and ignore any files that are found after the backup begins.


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