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Recatalog Taking More Than 2 Days

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I have a backup set of 5 DVD's. I made the mistake of not backing up the catalog on other media. I needed to restore my entire "USERS" on my startup disk. I am using version 6.1.230 on a G4 running the latest version of Tiger.


My backups are incremental. When I started to recatalog, the first DVD required 15 minutes before asking for #2. I am still working on #2 DVD (out of 5) after more than 48 hours.


The recataloged file size so far is 400MB and (of course) growing. The Retrospect progress box says that I have completed almost 2 million files amounting to 750 gigs(!!), whatever that means.


The #1 DVD represented the original backup. The #2 DVD and part of #3 DVD represents the second backup. There remain 32 more incremental backups. My "USERS" contained a moderate amount of music files, podcasts and photos. I don't know what the size was.


I need some help. IS THIS NORMAL? How long should I expect this recatalog to take?

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You're right. I get this error message over and over--

"Trouble reading: (DVD name) (4029 and various other similar numbers), error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads)"



"Backup set format inconsistency (4 at 8639488 and various other similar numbers)"


I am screwed?

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