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No files need to be copied


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The details:

Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.111, Driver Update and Hot Fix

Windows Server 2003 R2

backup to SCSI-attached RAID5, EnhanceTech E320


The problem:

My backup scripts go through the motions, but they match no files to backup. Day after day, the log reports "No files need to be copied." I have no idea why.


I added new directories and files to one client machine. I initiated an immediate backup. Same result, "No files need to be copied." However, the snapshot contained the new directory hierarchy, just no contents.


I have verified media. I have repaired the catalog. Everything has come up clean. I have changed the credentials with which backup runs; I got the same results.


Has anyone seen this? Any ideas where else to look? What may be causing this?


Thanks in advance.

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