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I am new to the product and would like to set-up straight forward full backup's of selected folders on a number of PC's to a central NAS. Each PC has 7.5 installed and I would like to backup to a named folder on the NAS for each PC and then delete the individual backup when older than the 10th backup say. I initially started with incremental and this went well, then I tried to alter to a full backup and it keeps asking for a new folder to backup to etc when running overnight and then fails. Any help (on this very straight forward issue I'm sure) greatly appreciated!


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Most people do not install Retrospect 7.5 on each computer on the network (because you must buy a copy of Retrospect for each of those computers). Most people install Retrospect on a central computer and then install the Retrospect Client software on each computer on the network, allowing Retrospect to pull the data from each system.


To reset the backup, make sure you are doing a recycle backup and not a "new backup set"

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