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Cross-filesystem restore and illegal characters


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I am running Retrospect 7.6 multi-server on W2k3 server standard edition. I am backing up several Mac file servers using the Retrospect client that was the latest version (until a few days ago when a new version came out).


Some of the files/folders/paths, while legal on the Mac filesystem (HFS+ Journaled) are not okay under Windows. I have seen a folder path refuse to restore (to an NTFS volume attached to the backup server, not to the original source) because the path is too long. There are also some illegal characters in various files and folders.


I understand that the above is a limitation of Windows and that is fine.


My question is - in terms of Mac-legal characters in file names: What will Retrospect do with these filenames if I ask it to restore them to an NTFS volume? Will it refuse to restore? Will it strip them/substitute them?





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Hi Mayoff,


Regarding the resource forks, I did a test.


I took a folder full of Mac fonts which are basically all resource forks, the data fork is empty. I then backed that up via Retrospect (client backup) and restored it to a local NTFS formatted disk.


As expected, the files all restored showing size 0k (in Windows), but when viewed over the network from a Mac (the server is Windows 2003 R2 with the file sharing for mac services installed), the font files appear as perfectly intact Mac font files.


It appears that Retrospect is in fact transferring the resource forks. Is that correct?

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