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Assertion check error

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We are having a problem with our Retrospect Server 6.1.230 and driver when we get an error during a backup:


Internal Consistency check failed: Assertion check at "xform.c-783"


This happens on average 2-3 times per week.


Machine is G5 10.4.11. Card is ATTO UL4S. Tape Drive is Exabyte Magnum 7 LTO3 autoloader.


It happens when doing an immediate backup of a single folder on one mounted server volume but it also happens during our nightly backups where it is trying to backup numerous production folders off of mounted server volumes using a script.


Always the same error message.


Anyone have any ideas.

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That particular assert is not familiar to me, but in general, assert errors typically indicate a problem with a Retrospect file.


You don't say, but I'll assume that the problem appeared recently, and that you have been able to achieve successful backups in the past.


Do you have multiple backup sets and does the error occur with only one backup set? If so, the catalog file may be corrupt and may need to be rebuilt.


The Retro.Config file can become corrupt, as can Retro.Icons. With Retrospect not running, try dragging the Retrospect folder from /Library/Preferences to the Desktop (note that this is from the root-level library and not your user library). Relaunch Retrospect (you'll need to re-enter your license code) and see if you are now able to back up successfully. If so, that would indicate that one of the files in that folder is corrupt.


You might also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Retrospect app.


If none of the above work, I would suggest that you open a support incident with EMC as the solution might require some digging.

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