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Best location for catalog files


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When I originally installed 7.6 on my Vista and XP computers, I located the catalog files on my external drive (WD MyBookWorld) because I also occasionally used Rollback RX for intraday restores. I no longer use Rollback, and Retrospect works flawlessly 99.9% of the time. Several times in the past year, however, I've had to rebuild a catalog file because I got the message that it was corrupt (505). This rebuild takes a long time and I'd like to avoid future problems of this type. Could storing the catalog files on the external drive instead of on each computer be contributing to this problem? Thanks for your help. - Dave

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I recommend using the default location, which is C:\my documents\Retrospect Catalogs\


I understand that this recommendation may sadly be necessary in the light of flaky communication and non-robust file operations in Windows or the application. However one desirable aspect to me of maintaining the catalog on the external (or NAS) drive is that it maintains the catalog on a device independent of the backed-up C: drive! It seems to somewhat defeat the purpose to maintain the catalog on the C: drive itself? I know the catalog can be rebuilt from the backup set, but this seems to be a time-consuming and sometimes fraught process, just when one is in a vulnerable recovery situation.



So I guess the implicit request is, cannot Retrospect's catalog operations be made more robust to make storage of the catalog in a non-default location more reliable so that your recommendation becomes unnecessary? Perhaps as a selectable option for those of us willing to sacrifice speed for reliability?


PS: When I do an "archival" backup to DAT, I make a copy of the catalog, the Retrospect settings folder & the Retro-EN_7_6_111.exe to an SD card to store with the DAT.


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After each day's Retrospect backups are completed I save the My Documents folder, which contains the catalog files for both computers, to my MozyHome remote backup file. I haven't a clue what causes catalog files to occasionally become corrupted, but if the corruption doesn't occur as they're being updated I'm hoping that restoring the Mozy remote copy of the most recent catalogs will be faster than rebuilding the entire catalog. I subscribe to the unlimited Mozy, but even the 2 gig of storage the free edition provides should be sufficient for most catalogs.

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