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Retrospect ejecting tapes in the middle of a script


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When running a script that transfers snapshots from two backup set sources to a third destination set (two different disk sets beeing copied to one tape set), Retrospect ejects the tape after copying/comparing the first source is finished. So in the middle of a script? That can't seriously be working as intended?


Regards, Lars

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Sorry I posted to early.


The eject option is set for the script. The corresponding options in the application settings are at their default values.


I would expect retrospect to eject the tape after all work defined in the script is done. At the moment it ejects once afer every copy operation of a source.


And there is no error in the log. It finish copying from the first source, checks the data and then ejects the media. Afterwards it waits for the same tape it just ejected to continue with the remaining source sets. All from whithin one script. If the eject option is disabled, the operation works as expected.


Regards, Lars

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