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Proactive jobs and exiting Retrospect window


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I am a new prospective user and so far I am extremely impressed and happy with with product although I am having a bit of confusion.


Platform: SBS 2003 SP2 with Exchange services

Retrospect version: (downgraded from 7.6 as advised by tech when I could not access Exchange mailboxes)


And now for the confusion. I have enabled proactive backup and have started the script. All backups appear to run just fine so no problems there. But I seem to be unable to close the Retrospect window now as I get a popup saying "Really stop execution of Proactive Backup?" Which I certainly do not want to do and yet it seems odd that I would have to leave this window open all the time.


Thanks for any input/insights



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Hello Mayoff and thank you for your response.


In the event of a system reboot (Windows updates and whatnot) if the proactive backup is scheduled it will open the UI and everything will run normally or does it need to be opened manually and the proactive backup started?



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