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Question about Retrospect compression with tapes

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We do backups with Retrospect and use LT03 tapes, compression with the tapes should be 800GB. I realize there is data that can't be compressed as high or at all. Not talking about SQL, just file backups, tell me if any of these tape sizes that were written to last week don't look right. One from week 3, the last time--only filled up the 3rd tape at 72GB! Obviously, we're on week 3 in the backups.


week 2:


tape 1 - 616GB

tape 2 - 510GB

tape 3 - 448GB

tape 4 - 730GB

tape 5 - 498GB

tape 6 - 618GB


What size would you consider too small or in determining compression might not be working to it's maximum?


For SQL backups, they seem to use about 400GB each week. I don't know SQL very well, we back it up with a program called Redgate SQL Backup and then write the data to the tapes via Retrospect.





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