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Cannot move tapes / new Computer

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We have purchased new hardware for ye olde Backup computers. I am having trouble with the new setup. I moved Retrospect from the old computer to the new according to the knowledgebase article, "moving Retrospect from one Mac Backup to another..."


However I am unable to move tapes in my Tape Library, a Qualstar 4222,connected to the new MacPro w/ATTO UL5D SCSI card. I cannot move a tape with the Retrospect GUI in Config, Devices. All tape names appear correctly.


Atto tech support says the errors in the SCSI log indicate it's the application not the card itself. I am indeed able to backup data to a tape I manually insert in the drive.


The old PowerMac G5 w/ATTO UL4D under 10.4.9 works fine. It was connected to the same Qualstar Tape Library 4222.


New setup:

Mac Pro dual core 2.8ghz Intel, 10.5.5

Retrospect 6.1.230

Driver Update

ATTO driver 4.31, flashed card

Sony AIT5 drive (SCSI 2)

Qualstar TLS 4222 (SCSI 4)


...was really looking forward to this new hardware, and I appreciate any suggestions.

-Chik Tsiknas

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