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Recatalog taking forever


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Using Retrospect Pro 2.5.387 hotfix


My problem began with error 106 (data overwrite attempt). First, I went to the KB and printed out the page at //kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/5228.html. Then, to be sure I did things right, I printed out //kb.dantz.com/al/12/1/8350.html, which is the step by step instruction for doing a recatalog. My backup set is on a removable HD.


The catalog repair began 1 day, 1 hour, 45 minutes and 11 seconds ago. I just paused it to post this message.


I'm willing to let this take all the time it needs, but one thing bothers me-- I am seeing the same file names pop up multiple times. For example, my very large .pst file has appeared at least three times. Is this normal and if not, what should I do?


Nice to see that the same Guru is still moderating this forum. Help me please, Austin Powers!



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If the rebuild says "resyncronizing....slow" or something like it or the file name hasn't changed for a long time, then stop the rebuild. If a bad file or bad end of data marker exists, then you may not be able to rebuild beyond the point of failure.


You should be able to restore up to the point you stopped the rebuild.

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