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Let a script have multiple backup sets as targets


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What is really badly missing (and regarding the post I found in the forum, it is not only for me and my customers), is an option to select multiple backup sets as targets of a scripted event and run the backup on the first target that shows up.



Why this is needed:


A lot of small companies have no changer avalible to rotate the backup media in a relyable fashion. Instead they have a pool of media they want to backup to and interchange them when they feel like it or rember to think of changing the media in the first place. That might be tapes, disks USB sticks or what ever.


The important part is, the the backups keep going regardless what media is connected to the backup server - without any further user interaction.


At the moment Retrospect expects that one sets up a certain routine for changing media as a script can allways have only one target. Is the scripted target not avaible, no backup will take place. Which is actually the absolute worst case that can happen.


To fix this with the current Retrospect logic I would like to see the allready above mentioned option:

When a script is set up, you should be able to select more then one backup set as target and let Retrospect execute the script with the first target it finds.


Or when you allow the different selectable target sets to be sorted by priority, use the accessible target set with the highest priority.


This way there would allways be a backup, as long as at least one set is accessible to the backup server.


I'm aware of the fact that this can basically be realiced with running multiple parallel scripts to different targets with a small time offset. But when doing this, lots of error emails are generated and the history is flodded with errors, even when a successfull backup took place.


With best regards, Lars Sölter

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