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Backup Sets forgetting media


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I stumbled here about a nasty problem. Under the following conditions, Retrospect seems to remove media from the backup sets they are asigned to:


- Retrospect is configured to skip media after a certain timeout.

- The timed out medium was target of a recycling backup.


Regards, Lars

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Thanks for the clarifying answere.


But know I'm kind of confused. Say every day the latest snapshot from a disk set should be copied to a tape. The only userinteraction should be the changing of the tapes. How is this realiced?


As when a tape gets kicked from a set, it still has it's old name and so will not be accepted for a backup unless it is formated manually. At least as far as I understand.



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Recycle backup will take any tape that is either erased or has the identical name it is looking for, such as "1-Backup Set A"

Yep, and, on the Macintosh version, even if a pre-named barcoded tape with "the identical name it is looking for" is in the autoloader, it might choose some other tape in the autoloader that is, or which it believes is, erased (such as previously having a tape error at BOT), it might not choose the pre-named barcoded tape with "the identical name it is looking for".


Been there, done that, been burned. I really wish that this long-standing bug would be fixed on the Macintosh version, as it was fixed on the Windows version years ago.



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