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Disk Backup set reports full for no reason


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I have a problem with a retrospect setup.


Several folders are getting backed up to a drive backup set. The set is located on a Neatgear ReadyNAS nas system. The nas has around 650GB space avalible. The backup set is allowed to grow up to 485 GB. The backup set has grown so far to 23GB.


Now it starts to report constantly to be full when a backup script tries to write to it. The statistics of the backup set tells (what is correct) that the set has still 93% free space avalible.


I copied allready the data (withon Retrospect) from one backup set to a new one and used that. But one or two scripts later, the backup set is reported by a backup script as full again and a new segment is demanded. Rebuilding the backup set from the hard files, does not seem to help either. A few backups later it is reported as full again.


Retrospect version is 7.6 on a Windows 2003 SBS.


The Network should be ok as the ReadyNAS is not reporting any communication erros in it's logs.


Is there any specific direction I could look to solve this?


Regards, Lars

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No sorry, the problems I described are different. So far I have no trackable trouble with the network or the access of the ReadNAS. Every single check i can run says everything to be ok and is working. 'Only' the backup scrips claim the disk set to be full (and asking for a new segment) when it clearly is not.


Regards, Lars

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I reverted the installation to the latest 7.5. When trying to run a backup with 7.5 on the 'full' reporting disk set, it reported 'full' too.


I have now 7.5 rebuild the set from disk and will check if error reoccures. Could it perhaps be that the error you fixed in 7.6 was allready present in one or the other form in 7.5?


Regards, Lars

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Hi there,


Exactly the same problem here, Backup Set shows zero K free (and doesn't execute the backup for this reason) while if I navigate to the set properties it shows the correct free amount (67GB, more than enough for the backup). I'm running Multiserver Version 7.6.111. Will this bug be fixed soon?





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