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Retrospect is already in use


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Per the previous topic advice, I have started a new topic for this issue.


My client is using Windows Vista Ultimate 64. We have installed Retrospect Windows Professional and it is currently showing version 7.6.111. When we check for updates it does not show any available.


On a clean reboot of the machine, Retrospect will start and run. Somewhere during the period of 0-24 hours it will stop running the scheduled backups. It shows them in the list, but it does not show them as having actually run - the execution time reads 0:00:00.


If we try to close Retrospect and re-start it, we get this error message (which has no number, with yellow exclamation triangle symbol):


"Retrospect is already in use.


Another user on this computer is running Retrospect. Only one user at a time can run retrospect. Select OK to exit Retrospect and run it in this session. The execution in progress will be stopped and will not run again until the next scheduled time. It may take a while before it stops."


There is only one user running Retrospect and she is an administrator on her computer. (My question here would be - "Does she have to be logged into the Administrator account for Retrospect to work properly in Vista?")


This is a small wireless local area network with three machines. The only backups she is doing are scheduled to backup from her machine to an external Western Digital 1TB My Book harddrive that is directly connected to her machine.

If we totally re-boot the machine it will start Retrospect and catch up the missing executions.

However, when left on continuously to run the scheduled backups, it will fail to do some or all of the next days executions.


We did think that this problem was linked to the previous issue with renaming retromonitor.exe, which occurred on the new installation, but while renaming solved that problem, it did not solve this issue.


We appreciate your help with this. My client very much likes Retrospect for the level of detail in the backups and would like to continue to rely on the product as in the past.



Carolyn Breninger


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Posted are images of the screens to which I am referring.


Hopefully you can see these (If not can you tell me how to attach jpg's or pdf's?) -






My customer added -

Last night there should have been 4 backups










Looks like two were executed at 10 pm 11 pm but not 12 pm and 1 pm


I backed them up (manually) this morning.







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