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Several (3) backup topics:

(1) I had an earlier post and got some good advice. I tried to reply and thank the responder, but couldn't find a place to click on "reply" or the equivalent. Help please?

(2) I backed up ~8 Gb disk to a DLT IV 40/80 tape. At the end the message said (something like) 3 GB remain. I'd expect 8 Gb to require less than 40 - 3 = 37 Gb, or alternatively 80 - 3 GB. What is a rough correspondence between the material being backed up and the space used on the tape?

(3) I'm using a HP Benchmark DLT drive, connected with SCSI to a G4 Mac with a SCSI PCI card. The tape that came with the drive worked fine for the one backup I've done. Then I got some used tapes, in apparently good condition, but used and erased on a PC. When I tried to use them I'd get an error "content unrecognized" and an error "can't erase, media locked" when attempting to erase. Is there a way to reformat PC tapes with Retrospect?

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