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V7.5 "finds" lots of files to copy !


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I'm using Win V7.5 of Retrospect Pro on my PC to duplicate files between 2 Linux NAS units. (NAS #1 is live; NAS #2 is a once-a-week turn-on and then shut-down)


I'm using "Replace if source is newer" for Duplicating. Each time I run this, I see that 60-80GB of files are being copied across. BUT only a few files have been changed/replaced (maybe 1GB worth). The files are media files (jpeg, flac, mp4a etc) and are the iTunes media folder plus the master flac files. The complete NAS media content is 400+ GB.


I guess that the problem may be to do with the time/date info on the files in each NAS. I've synched each NAS to the same time server and tried some combinations of comparisons but with no effect.


It also seems that many of the same files are being copied across each time I run this. e.g. each week the same albums are marked for copying. So the "update" seems to be required every time !


What should I be looking at changing/setting in the setup ? Currently the Version is : 6.5.324. Driver & HotFix Version



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File creation and modify dates may change just by copying them from one NAS to another. It is very hard to get consistent file dates when doing this type of copy between non Windows file systems.


Often you can reproduce a file date change just by doing a bunch of file copies using Windows instead of Retrospect

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Thanks for the quick reply.


Do I read your answer as telling me that I can't use this method of identifying and copying files reliably ? Should I go back to using Retrospect in a more manual mode ?


PS Maybe I should have mentioned that the 2 NASs are the same make/model/version. Makes no difference ?

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