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Question about 7.6 "Restore"


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I had a major crash/corruption of WinXP-SP3. This requires a fresh re-install (I will format the drive as well). My XP Installation disk only contains SP1a. I have a Retrospect 7.6 Backup from as late as yesterday. Here's my question: Once I do the installation of XP, will a "restore" include all of the drivers, settings, etc? Will the restore make me "good to go"? In other words, how would you suggest I proceed immediately following the install of XP-SP1a? Thank you.

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Thank you for your quick reply. In reading the Retrospect manual, it indicates that I must have SP3 installed, since that is what I had at the time of the crash. After I update to SP3 prior to the Restore, will the Restore place video drivers, etc where they should be, and configure them as they were before the crash - or must I find and reload all the drivers first? Thanks again.

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