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Retrospect Clients and Vista -- hidden "countdown" message?


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So, maybe I can't find this in other postings, but...


I have some Vista clients running the latest 7.6 client.


I modified my backup server script (backup server is Mac 6.1) to give a countdown notice to those clients.


However, on the Vista boxes, the countdown notice just gets tossed down into the taskbar as an "interactive message" instead of just popping up on the users screen (like XP and Mac OSX clients do).


So the users never actually see the countdown box and it's associated message -- unless they notice the message in the taskbar -- which they don't.


Is there some setting/change I need to do with the Vista client install so those messages pop up in front of the user?



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In this case, the user is running as an "administrator" -- not as a "user" -- still have the same problem.


Actually, how I originally set this up was I created an initial admin account ("mysecretadmin") and installed the client under that account.


Then I made an additional admin account for the user.


Would things be "fixed" if I uninstalled the client and reinstalled it from that user's admin account?


Or is this not really going to matter? (And, if not, when will there be a new client that *does* work with Vista?)




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