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Problem with interfaces


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I have 3 interfaces setup on our Retrospect 7.6 server for 3 different networks we have. All the backups are working fine and I can access the clients through Retrospect no problems. It shows the proper interface is being used and the IP addresses are correct.


But, today when I'm trying to add a client on one of the networks the interface is showing "There are no Access Methods for this Interface. It cannot be used to communicate with backup clients." But like I mentioned before I'm not having a problem communicating with backup clients other than trying to add a new client.


Anyone have any idea what is causing this or how to correct it? I can't even add a client using the client's IP address for some reason. Only 1 of the 3 interfaces is allowing me to browse to add clients. And of course the client I need to access is not on that network.


Any help or suggestions would be great.



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I tried to add a new interface to see what would happen. When I do and I get to the point to choose which interface to use, there is only 1 option. As I stated in the last post, there are actually 3 interfaces on that computer. And, all the backup clients that are on all 3 interfaces are being backed up nightly.


It's as if Retrospect doesn't see the other 2 interfaces if asked to look for them, but remembers them from scripts I setup months ago. :angry2:

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Well creating a new Retrospect preferences folder did fix the problem with Retrospect not seeing the different interfaces. Unfortunately it also made it so I'd have to setup the interfaces and all the scripts I created.


Is there any way to copy the scripts from the other preferences folder to the newly created one? If not, that's a lot of work. :confused2:

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