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Zimbra and Mac retrospect

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Hello to all retrospect users,


Im feeling super stuck and would appreciate some help or direction....


I have a dedicated Backup server running on a G5 Xserve with Mac OSX Server 10.3.9 installed. The machine has Retrospect 6.1 for Macintosh running for backup needs.Currently all backups are set to go on swappable Hard drive disks.


However I've noted that our mail server is not currently being backed up (using Zimbra Mail server (version 5) running on Linux CentOS release 5)...


Has one one got experience of backing up Zimbra mail server via retrospect, if so, may i get some help with the script...any tips or advice....



(thank you in advance) :confused2:



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We don't run Zimbra, but I can bet that the issues are similar as with cyrus/postfix. You will need to shut the mail service down, duplicate the mail store (rsync or something similar, Retrospect can do it but is slower), restart the mail service, then back up the duplicated mail store using a Retrospect subvolume.



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