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Specific MD5 error remains


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I started backing up to a new drive.


Out of 300k+ files, two generated an MD5 error:


Generated MD5 digest for file ... does not match stored MD5 digest.


The documentation says this kind of error will cause Retrospect to store the file again in a later backup.


Three backups in a row get this same error on the same two files. To me, that suggests the files are NOT being re-backed up.


Any suggestions? This sounds like a subtle defect in Retrospect.


If it is an equipment error, there's no reason the exact same files, in their stored version, would always be the ones getting generated-MD5 mismatches.


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If 2 files reported the error, then something is preventing those 2 files from being successfully backed up. Retrospect is doing exactly what it should do. Would you rather your backup software NOT tell you when something doesn't look right? MD5 is a math calculation for the file. 1+1 isn't equaling 2, it might be 1.99999 instead.


Try switching to thorough verification to see if the byte by byte verify reports a more detailed error.

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Wellll.... it's nothing in my system.


I wonder if it could relate to file names or the length of the path or something like that.


I ran more backups w/ byte-compare, same error, now with error -1129 listed (which is not in the KB nor help file AFAIK.)


The files are fine (tif - fully usable).

I made a copy of the files without trouble.

Did binary compare - no problem.

Backed up the copies - no problem.


(And since we use the default of only backing up one copy of the file, that was enough to make the error disappear.)


So: we have not really resolved the issue. I found a workaround but would love to really resolve things like this...



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Sorry, I guess I was not clear enough before. As I noted in my 10/11 6:48pm reply:


* No other errors were or are being generated


* I was able to open and copy the file without any errors. A non-Retrospect binary compare was successful.


* Re-running a backup did backup the copy, without any error. And since the copy is a duplicate, it no longer attempts to backup the original, and therefore no longer reports an error.


Two questions:


1) Are you actually asking about non-Retrospect logs, i.e. Windows ctrl panel/admin event log? If so, I'll go look this evening.


2) Is there a way to retest the original file backup without wrecking our overall backup?


My thought on #2: I did the backup-the-copy using a *.tif filter that only looked at the folder tree in question. Perhaps I can delete that session, thus deleting the copy-backup from the backup set, and restoring the problem?


Whatever the trouble is, I'm hoping that I can replicate the problem. Much easier to debug that way ;)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Austin. Seems I have same issue starting about 2 weeks ago. There is one file which always generate this error. I can normally work with that file, delete it, copy it again. If I created copy of this file with different name, it generated error for booth - original and copy. No other file is causing any troubles, just one.


In case you are interesed, you may take a look at that file here:




Regards Ondrej

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