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Retrospect crashs in Terminal session


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On Windows I use VNC, I don't know if similar tool is available on the Mac.

There is the free "Chicken of the VNC" and Apple's product which also does VNC but does much, much more as well ("Apple Remote Desktop" - "ARD").


The ARD client is installed by default on MacOS 10.4.x ("Tiger") and 10.5.x ("Leopard") on every server and non-server installation, and is enabled by checking the appropriate checkbox on the "Services" tab of the "System Preferences > Sharing" pane. The ARD client also comes with the ARD application for installation on older MacOS installations (but not MacOS Classic).


ARD is how we have always administered Retrospect on our headless Xserve. Works well through a VPN tunnel, too.



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Update: for those coming across this article because they connect using the Mac OS RDC, you *can* specify console mode by either opening the connection while pressing the command key, or by adding "/console" after the machine name in the RDC connect-to text box.


Oooh! Good news, everybody. The .123 update of Retrospect 7.6 appears to have fixed the problem! No more greyed-out GUI. Yeah! Thank you dev team.

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Added good news that problem was resolved.
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