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Sorry, couln't connect to Computer error

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I'm trying to connect from Retrospect server to a client, but I get this error:

Sorry, couln't connect to Computer error -560 (invalid private/public key).



Win. 2003 server

Retrospect Multi Server

ver. 7.6.106

Hotfix ver.



Win Vista Home Premium

Retrospect Client ver. 7.6.106


I've disabled the firewall on the client to eliminate that, but still no results.


I just updated the software to most recent versions. Before I updated my software, I got another error when attemting connections to the same client.

Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -507 (incorrect password).

(and I know the password was correct)

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Hi Robin


Thanks for your suggestion. I've been away on holiday for a week, and now I'm ready to continue the troubleshooting.


I've now managed to get the connection running.

This is what I experienced:


I tried the uninstall + install process with the client several times with no different results.

Maybe that relates to an error that showed up during the installation:


"Error: RegCreateKey(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\Dantz\Retrospect Client\5.0\Install", ...) returned 5"


The error is shown after clicking "Install" in the window "Ready to Install the Program"


After accepting that alert box, the rest of the installation runs, apparently with no further errors. But the connection from the server still couldn't be established.


I figured that the registry was corrupt and ran a registry cleanup with CCleaner after removing the client software and the reinstalling.

Still no result. The error during installation still showed.


Finally I tried to do the uninstall with CCleaner's uninstall tool.

Don't know if that is just a shortcut to the software's main uninstall feature - or if it is a different uninstall.

Then I installed the client again - and the error during installation did NOT show.

After completing the installation, I made the connection perfectly normal.


Hope this helps other Retrospect users :-)


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