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Problems with Backup of Cluster '08

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Hi All...


I've been having a BUNCH of problems backing up a Windows Server 2008 cluster of two nodes running SQL Server 2005. The data coming from that backup client would do one of two things:


1. corrupt the Retrospect DAT file

2. cause Retrospect to crash with the dreaded "assertion" error


Each time I restored the DAT file to a point in time before the crashes AND removed the cluster from backup, Retrospect was happy as a clam(AV).


On the flip side, the cluster would stop responding when our database admin performed a "detach" function on the database. The SQL Server data, located on a shared volume between the two nodes, would then become inaccessible. The only fix was to completely reconstruct the cluster. This happened five times.


I can't help but think that this issue and the backup issues with Retrospect are connected, as we have a non-clustered Server 2008/SQL2005 box that backs up just fine.


Fast forward to today, where we found this article on Microsoft's site:




This article appears to work for MSSQL Server 2005, even though it states that it applies only to MSSQL Server 2008. The fix in this article appears to have solved the problem of the shared disk and detaching databases.


I'm *hoping* that the fix also corrects the problems with Retrospect.


I'll post back here to let you all know if there are any further issues.


Robin, you might want to log this with your tech teams that this obscure *Microsoft* bug might make Retrospect unhappy.

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I spoke too soon. Since posting the last message, we have seen 3 crashes (assertion errors). I am trying the following:


1. remove the cluster from our backup rotation ("forget" the client from Retro)

2. add the client to another Retrospect server we have


I'll report back on my findings.

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