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Import of exported selectors broken?

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We're moving to a new server, and while I was able to export my selectors from the old one, I can't import them on the new one- the "import selectors" dialog shows the .rxx file, but the file name field is greyed out. If I double-click on the .rxx file the dialog goes away without doing anything.


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Any workarounds? This is on Windows Single Server 7.6.111.



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Hmm- perhaps I posted a little too quickly. It appears that the export locked up Retrospect on the old server. So perhaps the .rxx file is corrupt or incomplete in some way.


I had to close retrospect from task manager. Rebooted the server, restarted retrospect, and tried the export again... this time I got an immediate assertion failure at tyce.cpp-2957.


I probably can recreate the rules by hand more easily than dealing with this... but any suggestions you have are welcome.

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