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Restoring domain controller


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I restored second time domain controller and after that again some services don't start anymore (server is not usable anymore). Services are - certificate services, FTP Publishing service, IIS Admin Service, Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine, SMTP and some more.

I restored from snapshot, with disaster CD, complete C-drive and system-state. First time I boot into AD restore mode. After that Retrospect Helper completes it's work fine. Domain controller is 2003 Enterprise R2, all windows updates installed. Retrospect is 7.6.

Where can be problem or Retrospect can't at all recover domain controllers. First time, when I try to restore my domain controller, Retrospect was 7.5 (about half year ago), but still the same problem, and completely other domain controller server (also 2003 ent R2).



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Retrospect does support the restore of a domain controller. It is unclear why you are having trouble. This short post just doesn't provide enough detail to do actual troubleshooting of this very complex problem. Do you get any errors in the event logs for the restore or after you restart?

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I find out the problem. The problem is not in Retrospect, sorry (Retrospect is the best backup software). But problem was in Windows approach to disk formatting and partitioning. This Windows part is unfortunately connected also to Retrospect Disaster Recovery CD. First, Windows partitions previous C-drive as logical D and make previous D as C and bootable. Second, if you format C-drive previously with FAT32 and then make it NTFS partition with example Part manager, then Windows dont format it and .....my problem was exactly this.....when I look later, restored server C-drive, then I give big surprise - it is FAT32 and of course domain-controller don't like FAT32. If I look it with some partition tool, then it is NTFS. Finally, partition is NTFS and formated filesystem is FAT32 and Windows like to think it is FAT32.

Altough,to use Windows installer in Retrospect Disaster Recovery is not very good idea. Maybe later EMC finds some other solution, it's own installer like example in Acronis.


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