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Retrospect backup filling up drive

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I'm learning Retrospect on the fly, so I'm sure I missed the option somewhere, but...


I'm using a Jaguar server running Retrospect which is going out to ~10 Mac desktops and grabbing backups. The backup is going to an attached external USB drive on the server.


This is the only backup job going to this external drive (700GB), and after a month or so it only has 5GB free. While it's nice to be able to go back a month, I really don't need to.


Where is the option to only save the last week or so worth of backups?



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Where is the option to only save the last week or so worth of backups?


"Normal" backups in Retrospect are incremental; they append only changed files to the Backup Set.


On the current Macintosh version of the product there is no provision to "groom" away files older then a given date; the program keeps everything on the media.


Only a "Recycle" backup will delete files from a Backup Set, and it will delete all the files and start fresh.


The danger here is that at the moment you perform the Recycle, you no longer have that backup. If it's your only one, then you have none. So plan accordingly.



(who notes that 750 GB SATA drives are under a hundred bucks nowadays)

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