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Retrospect.exe Launches Monitor?


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This problem has been occurring to me ever since I set up Vista 64 with Retrospect 7.6 several months ago. I just cannot get it to consistently work. When the monitor starts opening, as explained here, the only fix I've found is to uninstall and reinstall Retrospect, which I'm just not willing to do every week.


I don't understand why we should have to start a separate thread and waste MORE of our time on this issue. Several people are having this same problem. I don't know what else I can add.


Is there a fix to this yet? Or is there yet another thread I need to go look at and post to?

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this seems somewhat related, but I found that if I was connected to the server running retrospect through remote desktops there wasn't a way for me to start retrospect (only the monitor would come up). I had to connect via dameware to work with the session that was running the program.

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We recently migrated retrospect 7.6 to a 2008 x64 server and are experiencing the same issue .

Only the activity monitor will come up showing that the backup is running , but impossible to get full retrospect running . Not in RDP , not on console itself .


Retrospect is running under the same user as the one i am logging in with (configured in retrospect itself) .

Should the service itself also run under the same user ? Or do we keep that the default (System+interaction with desktop allowed)

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