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How long should I use the same *disk* backup set?


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I have a "local" nightly disk backup set that 6 clients backup to. This backup set has the "Groom to remove backups older than" setting enabled and set to 30. On a weekly basis, I transfer snapshots from this backup set to one of two "offsite" rotating sets (with grooming disabled) that go offsite. Each backup set currently consists of two 500GB disks.


I've been using all 3 of these backup sets for about 2 years now and they still work fine. My only problem is that over time the "local" set has filled up with lots of sessions for older clients that I no longer care about. There doesn't appear to be an easy way to clean these out other than manually "forgetting" each snapshot one-by-one (each one takes about 3-5 mins to process) and then running a lengthy grooming operation. Just navigating through the list of snapshots for the "local" set is pretty painful since there's no easy way to view by client or sort by columns in Retrospect.


My original plan was to continue using the "local" set forever and retire the "offsite" sets every 3 years or so but I'm beginning to think it might be time to retire the "local" set as well and start a new clean "local" set.


What do you guys think? Do backup sets get so cluttered over time that people generally retire or recycle them?

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