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Rebacking up entire data??? Not supposed to be?

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I am backing up xraids with a Magnum 224 LTO4. My scripts are running "normal" backups, none are "recycled". My backups run at night so when I come in in the mornings they are well finished. However, the past week or so I have noticed the different daily and weekly backups still running in the morning and througout the entire day, backup up the entire raid servers all over again, as if it was running for the first time??


I believe because of this happening we have now lost data because it was supposed to be incremental and a coworker accidentally deleted/misplaced a file which I can not find in my searches. Any logic, thoughts, or reasoning as to why retrospect would have started all over backing up full terrabytes of data when there were only say, 20 gb that were new????


Thank you.


UPDATE::: I found the "lost deleted file" it was on the wrong server which is archived and doesn't get backed up, phew. Still curious as to what is happening above though. THank you.


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