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Trouble reading files, error -3840 (The operation terminated abnormally.)

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Could someone explain how to fix the following error:


- 10/1/2008 10:53:54 AM: Copying DB_TABLE on DB_SERVER

Backup type: Full

Trouble reading files, error -3840 (The operation terminated abnormally.)

10/1/2008 10:56:18 AM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 1 files, 42.9 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:02:24 (00:00:16 idle/loading/preparing)


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I have found following MSSQL errors in Application part of system eventlog:


EventID : 17055

3041 :

BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE [TMESCOPE] TO VIRTUAL_DEVICE='dantz_retrospect_vd_TableName' WITH INIT


18210 :

BackupVirtualDeviceSet::Initialize: Open failure on backup device 'dantz_retrospect_vd_TableName'. Operating system error 0x80070002(The system cannot find the file specified.).


MSSQL has errors with the same description as above.


I gave these errors for all tables at this server for each backup attrmpt.


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The error reported by Microsoft is the 0x80070002 error. You should be able to google that error.


Retrospect sends a backup command to SQL. SQL copies the backup to a virtual device and Retrospect reads the virtual device.


It sounds like your server is having a VDI failure.


Google 0x80070002 and the event ID's reported my Microsoft.




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