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Retrospect having problems backing up Drobo

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I have a client that has a PowerMac G4 running 10.4.11 backing up to a LTO 2 drive using an Atto UL4D. They are using a Drobo via a FW800 card installed into the G4. Im using the latest version of Retrospect and driver update.


Everytime they try and backup it either hangs the Mac or gets stuck and won't do anything without force quitting Retrospect. Anyone have any issue with a Drobo or got any other thoughts.





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It is the latest version of Retrospect Desktop. The Atto card is new and contains the latest firmware.


They can fileshare to the Drobo all day without problem. Haven't tried backing up to a different device. Could the Drobo be sleeping when the backup starts and it just hangs the G4?



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I'm glad not beeing the only one with this problem.


We are using Retrospect v6.1.230 on a iMac G5 based Mac OS X Server v10.4.11 to back up data on the Drobo on a FW400 Sony AIT tapedrive.

Especially our quarterly backups take quite a bit of time - around 15 hours. During that time Retrospect freezes (beachball) and the Finder becomes unresponsive.


Any ideas or even a solution, yet?


Regards, Thomas

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