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pulling big files out of the backups


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We have 1.4TB of space dedicated to backups. It seemed to have filled up faster than I expected. I have it set for the 'recomended grooming.'


Looking around to see what it backed up, I see that on the linux machines it backed up some pretty darn big log files. And on the exchange machine it backed up the exchange log files...


These do need to be archived, yes, but they don't need to be part of my regular backups. I know how to exclude them from being backed up in the future, but how can I groom just those big (20GB+) files out?


And I guess the recommended way to do this is to have retrospect run a backup just for those logs, and go directly to DVD/tape?




Oh, and my skill level? Enough to get it running, but not enough to figure out much about what's going wrong ;)

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