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Topic Split: Empty Exchange Mailbox Volume


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I am having the same issue with SBS 2003 and 7.6.111. We've used previous versions of Retrospect without a problem. I went through the requirements sheet about 200 times and confirmed everything, created accounts, recreated accounts, reconfigured everything...


... nothing worked. This is a brand new install at a new client site. We recommended Retrospect to them based on solid experience with 7.5 and this issue is making us look really bad so any help would definitely be appreciated. Thanks.

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Not sure if this is your problem. I had the issue where Retrospect would finish and say no Exchange volumes were found/empty. If you looked at the Exchange Server under volumes, it showed the storage groups. If you remove the Exchange Server under clients, then add it again, the storage groups are missing.


I re-applied Windows SP2 on the Exchange server and it fixed it since some system files on the Exchange server were accidentally deleted. After the server reboots, in Retrospect, right click on the Exchange Server and select login as and it then the storage groups appear again.

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