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Hi all:


I'm using DUPLICATE backup of a couple of disks on my laptop. I duplicate to a NAS system.


I created a Schedule (After my INITIAL backup) and

I wanted to make sure it backed up

+ NEW Files

+ EDITED Files


The Options & Manual Descriptions are

* Replace ENTIRE Volume:

it replaces the Entire Volumes,


if there are IDENTICAL files present on my Destination it won't duplicate them (!)




1) WHY does it copy EVERYTHING AGAIN then?


it took half an hour over 9GB

when this morning it took an hour???

The funny thing is that I KNOW I only copied 47 files extra...

what's cooking? WHat am I missing??


2) The Option:


Would do exactly what I want (copy those files

which are missing in the destination)

BUT it does NOT mention IF it does indeed copy also those files which Have CHANGED since the previous duplication.


Please help.




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I'm sorry to say

but I double checked this

and it keeps copying files WHICH ARE DUPLICATED






I don't get it.

The only thing I can think of is that I have one of those NETGEAR ReadyNAS/NV+ boxes, basically a NAS box which is NOT MS-Windows and it does tell me that

-OPEN FILES are not supported nor are file attributes...


Could THAT be the case?


....kinda quite 'round here ;-)


thank you anyway

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Thank you Robin;


In the Duplicate Options button it says I have "Verification ON"; I guess you were referring to that.



and for hopefully some better insight,

here is my last log which should have copied only 2 files



+ Executing Immediate Duplicate at 30-09-2008 12:15

Can't use Open File Backup option for Music (M:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

To volume MUSIC on backup on

Warning: The destination volume MUSIC on backup on does not support extended file attributes.


- 30-09-2008 12:15:27: Copying Music (M:)

30-09-2008 12:36:55: Comparing MUSIC on backup on

File "M:\MUSIC_Production\TO_DO.doc": different creation date/time (src: 18-05-2008 12:54:04, dest: 30-09-2008 11:08:48)

File "M:\MUSIC_Production\Business\PromotionalWriteUp\UnicodeVAlues_MusicalNotation.pdf": different creation date/time (src: 13-09-2008 16:31:02, dest: 13-09-2008 16:31:04)

File "M:\MUSIC_Production\tmp\Spirit.zip": different creation date/time (src: 07-08-2008 22:30:20, dest: 07-08-2008 22:30:40)

File "M:\MUSIC_Production\ZM_mp3\SignatureKey.txt": different creation date/time (src: 14-08-2008 16:49:56, dest: 14-08-2008 17:26:40)

File "M:\SESSIONS\ees\_gsdata_\FolderActions-2008-09.log": different creation date/time (src: 27-09-2008 17:30:34, dest: 28-09-2008 15:12:10)

File "M:\SESSIONS\ees\WAVzipped\eesTake1_BothTraks.zip": different creation date/time (src: 07-09-2008 10:56:22, dest: 07-09-2008 10:56:42)

File "M:\SESSIONS\ees\WAVzipped\eesTake1_GuitarOnly.zip": different creation date/time (src: 07-09-2008 11:18:52, dest: 07-09-2008 11:19:06)

File "M:\ZEEM_eu_website\Images_Downloaded\BrownAcousticGuitar_2_blkBK.jpg": different creation date/time (src: 29-09-2008 15:04:22, dest: 29-09-2008 15:04:24)

File "M:\ZEEM_eu_website\Images_Downloaded\JazzNotes_wthBK.jpg": different creation date/time (src: 29-09-2008 14:34:54, dest: 29-09-2008 14:34:56)

File "M:\ZEEM_eu_website\Images_Downloaded\MusicNotes_inGrayBK.jpg": different creation date/time (src: 29-09-2008 14:37:46, dest: 29-09-2008 14:37:48)

File "M:\ZEEM_eu_website\Images_Downloaded\Neck2.jpg": different creation date/time (src: 29-09-2008 15:43:48, dest: 29-09-2008 15:43:50)

File "M:\ZEEM_eu_website\Images_Downloaded\Ovation_flameTop_WhtBK.gif": different creation date/time (src: 30-09-2008 11:11:12, dest: 30-09-2008 11:11:14)

30-09-2008 12:50:11: 13 execution errors

Completed: 1938 files, 3.9 GB

Performance: 231.9 MB/minute (191.7 copy, 293.8 compare)

Duration: 00:34:43 (00:01:08 idle/loading/preparing)



INcidentally, the ONLY 2 files that I refer to (the files which purposefully were (a) created & edited) are:

The First one (a todoList.doc)


The Last one (an image)



Can you or anybody else see anything strange here?



it's a 9.6GB of data...so as you can see it duplicated 3.9GB :-(

Way too many IMHO...

soemthing is cooking... :-)

I was exepcting to last no mor ethan 30 seconds...



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OK Thanks



I wouldn't mind for those dozen files..

how about what is says:


Completed: 1938 files, 3.9 GB

Duration: 00:34:43 (00:01:08 idle/loading/preparing)



I tried what you suggest and it has full folders of it :-(

as you see from the report 1938 files.



Why doesn't it report the other 1938 files?

obviously I have not understood something here...



thank you


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