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200 GB backup set runs out of space with 90GB data


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The majority of the data backed up is simply the Outlook PST files. I have a few large ones that appear to get backed up quite often. However, I still don't understand why the older versions of these files are not getting pruned off. Even if every file on the system were kept for two copies,that would only be 180GB of data and there is 200GB in the backup set.


I still don't understand how this can happen.


Please help.



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It is set to groom to the last 1 backup (was 2 before, but I reduced it to 1 to try and make it work. I have tried to manually groom it using the Action button in the Backup Set > Propoerties panel, but it doesn't get any smaller.


Any ideas? ANy information you would like me to post?



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