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Backup client reserved problem making Retrospect highly unreliable


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Has a fix been issued for the backup client reserved problem?


Were having this happen all to frequently on OS X, Linux and Vista clients. This problem




has been going on a long time, when can we expect a fix?


I ask because it has made Retrospect completely unreliable, so I've been forced to search for an alternative backup solution

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I'm sure that I don't know everything about your situation, but when we see these issues, it's usually when there is some kind of network communication problem between the Retrospect server and the clients. The fact that you are seeing this on multiple clients tells me that there may be something going on with your network, possibly the port into which your Retrospect server is connected.


Another thing that we've seen is with our Cisco switch "smartport" roles. If the role is set to the wrong type, network traffic can be disrupted or cut off completely. This might be something that you can also check.


Hope this helps.

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