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Help Menu gone in 10.5.5!

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I'm using Retrospect 6.1.230 with Leopard 10.5.5. I just discovered that when I'm using Retrospect and I click on "Help" in the menu bar I'm taken to a Spotlight box. Previously,10.4.X, when I clicked on "Help" the dropdown menu displayed "Retrospect Help" and, via my Browser, I could select various error topics such as the meaning of specific error codes. Is this lack of the Retrospect Help a bug related to Leopard? :confused2:

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Retrospect's help is simply a website (a folder of html and css files) that lives at:


/Applications/Retrospect 6.1/Retrospect.app/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect Help/


The actual .html files have old-style Type/Creator codes (TEXT/MOSS), probably left over from Retrospect's cross platform (OS X and OS 9) days. Or maybe there's some other reason, having to do with how the Retrospect Help menu is used to call up these web pages.


> I click on "Help" in the menu bar I'm taken to a Spotlight box.

Leopard's help menu has changed, to allow a Spotlight looking text entry box to reveal menu items in any program. Try it in other things, you'll see it looks the same.


Beneath the text entry box you'll find the familiar "Retrospect Help" menu item.



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Thanks to your comment I've resolved the problem! First I changed the default Browser to Safari and, yes, "Retrospect Help" appeared. I then changed the default Browser back to Camino and clicking on Help in the menu bar opened Safari and Retrospect Help appeared. Until I did this back-and-forth switch of Browsers Help didn't appear.


Thank you, Robin. :tongue2:

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