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Backup Set format Inconsistency from Recatalog


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Retrospect 7.6 seems to have a nasty habit of crashing when:


1) it is waiting for a new backup tape to continue a scheduled backup, and

2) proactive backups (to disk) continue to run, and

3) the backup disk gets full


It usually seems to be the grooming process that causes the crashes, although that's just a guess from what I've seen. At any rate, after these crashes, I usually have to recatalog and manually groom my backup sets, which usually works (after a few days, since they are such long processes).


Unfortunately, one of my backup sets now gives this error after 5.5 hours of recataloging (from disk):


Backup Set format inconsistency (6 at 909296752)


Can this be fixed (or ignored)? If it is a specific snapshot, can I figure out which one and "forget" that one?


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