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Duplicate Speed


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I wanted to know if my speeds were normal. I have 2 volumes on a server that I'm duplicating to 2 other volumes. The first is an IOMEGA 1.5tb external drive connected with Firewire800 which is duplicating to another IOMEGA connected with firewire800. Both devices are attached directly to the server. I'm running Retrospect 7.6 Multiserver.


The other set is an internal SATA 1TB volume, duplicating to a Buffalo NAS (100mbps ethernet).


I'm just getting this setup, and the initial duplication is running. They seem to be varying in speed, but both are averaging between 200-250MB/min. The times to duplicate are showing about 24 hours to complete for about 300GB of data. I had only 1 running at first, and the speed was the same.


Do these times seem normal, or is this going slower than it should?




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